Use Digital to Drive Profitable Shopping Behaviors Online and In-Store

Hopster’s platform closes the coupon redemption loop by personalizing each coupon and  linking online and offline behaviors to in-store sales.  The Hopster platform combines personalized print-at-home coupons with a suite of web-based tools to drive high-value shopping behaviors like loyalty, cross-promotion and advocacy. CPG Brands can now get more value from coupons.

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Get more value from your coupon promotion

Drive Trial

Build awareness and get shoppers to the store to buy your product with our fun, consumer-centric coupon site.

Repeat Purchases

Incentivize additional purchases of your product with individually targeted and personalized coupon offers.

Cross Promote

Drive sales on products in your category, or another category, by linking your promotions together in the Hopster platform.

Build Advocacy

Hopster enables you to reach your shoppers in any way you choose and ties online behaviors to offline activities and transactions.

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